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Legend of Miyamoto Legend of Miyamoto

Rated 3 / 5 stars

So much work went into this... and yet, I absolutely cannot overlook the fact that the sprited parts of the movie not only mix sprite styles in ways that don't make sense, but the Zelda dungeon map was taken from a game site and NOT cleaned up purely referential sprites. (The Hardhat Beetles and the items hanging above pots.)

The choice of music also seemed pretty inappropriate. Granted that a piece of Nintendo music probably would have been too obvious, but a track from Fatboy Slim didn't seem like the best choice.

All and all, not a bad movie. The drawn parts were strong, byt the sprited parts were weak.

Superman V Goku Superman V Goku

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The level of ridiculous in this movie is off the charts! Just wow... When the guy from Bleach popped up, I actually groaned, but once everything else started happening, I started laughing. I'm really glad you went this direction with the movie instead of the obvious way, and I'm REALLY happy to see Harima Kenji and Temna Tsukamoto make a brief appearance! That was really cute.

I liked this movie.

Street Fighter Collab Street Fighter Collab

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Dick Fighter Collab

It's been a while since I've done one of my over-the-top, "TL;DR" reviews, but this seems like a good candidate for it, so here goes.

First, let me just say that this thing may perhaps be over-hyped. It has its moments, but it could just as easily had been a series of compilations instead of one big one. The material could have been a bit better at times as well. The sound quality was flawless and the voiceacting was pretty darn good, but really, it wouldn't be fair to review this as a singular entry since it's a collaboration of entries. So...

Skit 0 (Title Sequence): Freakin' awesome! It's a collab IN a collab! And of course, a great homage to classic Street Fighter intros of the past.

Skit 1: Strange, but pretty good.

Skit 2: Poorly animated, though it seems intentional. Also perfectly describes Ryu.

Skit 3: Probably one of the best skits in the entire animation despite the fact Zangief sounds like Grover from Sesame Street.

Skit 4: Awesome. No pun intended.

Skit 5: Odd, but well animated.

Skit 6: Dhalsim's grin is creepy and the skit takes too long to really go anywhere. Was there supposed to be a dick joke in here somewhere? If so, I didn't catch it.

Skit 7: Not very interesting. Looks like pure filler material, and not very good filler at that.

Skit 8: Nonsensical, but amusing.

Skit 9: Very strange, but pretty well animated. Truly a good parody.

Skit 10: Cock jokes #1 and #2. Not exactly good, though I like Birdie's accent. Not so much his

Skit 11: Why does this remind me of a "Home Movies" skit? A really poor one. That flirting guy isn't very amusing. Just retarded.

Skit 12: Heh heh heh. This one was cute. And seemed to fit the characters fairly well. I like the X-Men "The Beast" reference. And of course, Dan Hibiki.

Skit 13: Funny up until Zangief spies Sakura's ass. No amount of red-pantied teenage girl could make that wrestler straight. Also, cock joke #3.

Skit 14: Cock joke #4.

Skit 15: Cock joke #5. Three cock jokes in a row?! Also, this goes on for way...WAY too long, even if some of the facial expressions ARE amusing.

Skit 16: I found this one to be pretty funny despite the fact it, as with other skits, went on for far longer than necessary. It could have just as easily ended.

Skit 17: Short, sweet, and amusing! Blanka added to the hilarity.

Skit 18: I love this one. Heh heh.

Skit 19: M'kay.

Skit 20: "Nipple Punch"? Eh.

Skit 21: Pretty funny skit! Ken changing art styles and palettes after ever hit just added to the hilarity.

Skit 22: Nene reference for the win. Otherwise, pretty boring.

Skit 23: I want a Blanka plushie like that. Also, not bad! Pretty cute, in fact.

Skit 24: Confusing. Only Ken seemed to be the pay-off here. Everyone else seems to be a red herring.

Skit 25: Random violence is always fun. It helps that Dhalsim is acting WAY out of character here, of course.

Skit 26: Not much of a far cry from the actual US cartoon, oddly enough. What's up with the (for lack of better reasoning) Fireball 20XL references, though?

Skit 27: The best skit in the entire sequence, even if there's a few of sex jokes in there. I do like Alex and Twelve, though. Heh. This probably could have been its own submission.

Skit 28: Cheap shot at the Super Street Fighter II death noises. But amusing!

Skit 29: Mike Bison? Or MIKE? Your call. Also, yet another "Zangief is a pedophile" joke.

Skit 30: Yay! Generic anime parody! And I do like Dan...

Skit 31: Stupid. Ridiculous stupid.

Skit 32: WHAT THE HELL? I'm open-minded and all, but what the Hell is the point of this skit? Just to piss off the fetish-phobic?

Skit 33 (Credits): Um... Interesting. Not bad, though why end on another sex joke? And is that voice message for real? Sheesh.

Skit 34 (Game Over): Heh. Cute.

So all and all, is this worth watching? I think so. As I said, despite all the ridiculous sex and cock jokes and the few stupid skits, it does have its good parts.

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Splash Attack Splash Attack

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Supernerd Joseph Wants to Battle!

Magikarp learns Tackle at Level 15, evolves into Gyarados at Level 20, and learns Flail at Level 30 in Generation II or above. It can also learn Bounce in Generation III or higher (which is where this seems to take place). Bearing that in mind, you need to be somewhere in the high 50s to get into the Elite Four and not get your ass handed to you. Why would Blue have a Level 14 or below Magikarp in his active monsters at this point? Furthermore, why would RED? And then of course there's the fact that once all 40 PP ran out on Splash, either Magikarp would start using "Struggle"...

Awesome Gaiden Awesome Gaiden

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hey, There's a Ninja With Huge Boobs Over There

I know I've seen this joke before...and I'm certain you have as well. That said, you took this joke and didn't just run with it. You SPRINTED with it. PARAsprinted!

(Two points to anyone who gets the reference.)

Command & Conquer WZHS Command & Conquer WZHS

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Truthsand Mis-Truths

I'm going to make this review short and sweet because I have something to say in Generals' and EA's Provided I can tear myself away from "Awesome Video Games" long enough to write this thing, anyway. XD

ANYWAY... The graphics for this movie are pretty nice. Hand-drawn and accurately showing the various units of the game. (The ones that are referenced, of course.) The style is an original one in that it semi-parodies the history of Electronic Arts' interface with Westwood Studios with cynicism and absolutely nothing nice to say, though to the artist's credit, he's not that far from the truth. (Despite being a fan of classic Westwood, I say this with no bias.) The sound is flawless, mixing voice-acting with clips from the games as well as sound effects from various sources. Very high-quality stuff for Flash. The violence is mostly cartoon violence, but there's a bit of blood in there. No interactivity. Lastly, it's a very humorous look at EA Games and Generals/Zero Hour.

Now, as I said, I have some stuff to say in EA's defense. Every game from Tiberian Sun onward was a little rushed. This is true. However, it does not mean they were bad games in the least. Tiberian Sun and Firestorm were classic and wonderful games. Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge are even better than that, adding such features as "promotions" to units while keeping the classic C&C: Red Alert atmosphere and storyline intact. (Though they DID replace Tanya's original actor... Very depressing.) Renegade is just...CLASSIC. It, as well as Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge are still VERY much enjoyed by people the world over, despite the fact that a lot of aspects of multiplayer are a little bugged, the netcode sucks ("The laggiest player wins every gunfight" comes to mind... No wonder all the godlike snipers from half-way 'round the world play on US servers!), and so very, very many features that were original planned to be included (such as "Command & Conquer" mode which would've played like Command & Conquer for one commander (think "Natural Selection") and a first-person shooter for everyone else).

Now... Generals. Generals and Zero Hour are awesome games. Awesome games...which are NOT "Command & Conquer" games by ANY stretch of the imagination. Electronic Arts put the C&C title on there just so they could sell copies. If they'd just called it "Generals" or "Zero Hour," chances are, it wouldn't've sold nearly as well as it did. The game is essentially a modern-war first-person shooter complete with all-American soldiers, Chinese dictators, and Iraqi terrorists. (That's actually the three factions, I might add.) There's no Global Defense Initiative or Brotherhood of Nod. There's no Allies or Soviets. There's no real-world geography, tiberium, or time-paradoxial experiments. Just REFERENCES to real world-isms. But as I said...don't get me wrong. Bugs aside (like the SCUD Storm), it really IS a solid game and expansion pack. I enjoy playing them whenever I feel like playing a generic war RTS. Or when I feel like playing Warcraft III with modern-day units. Whichever. :D

Lastly, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is a solid title. I know you had no way of knowing this months ago, but it truly is a solid game...from what I've heard. It's got Kane's original actor in it, at least. No Frank Klepacki music or Frank Klepacki Commando voice...and I don't think Nick "Havok" Parker is in it (good or bad), but otherwise...very solid RTS and essentially "what Tiberian Sun SHOULD have been," from what I've seen. (That's what most people would say, I feel. Me? I LIKED Tiberian Sun.)

So...yeah. I'm done. In summation: Great movie. Very truthful, but the C&C series of games as well as Generals and Zero Hour are great games no matter what.

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Super Mario Land III Super Mario Land III

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A Trio of Terrific Mario Parodies!

I'd like to mention this outright. To save time and redundancy, I'm reviewing all three of these movies at once. I hope you don't mind, but all comments made apply to all three movies unless otherwise specified.

Now. . . NEVER have I laughed so hard at a Mario parody on Newgrounds, much less THREE of them! It's unbelievable that someone could be so utterly successful in a single series of Flash cartoons. Particularly sprite Flash cartoons. But let me save the serious kudos for the individual sections here and get into the meat of the review.

These Flashes are full of graphics ripped straight out of the video game "Super Mario Land". However, the way the graphics are used is the main thing. The graphics are separated into various layers of the animation giving the overall movies an "old school" feeling, but also giving it a very nice "modernized" look in a way.
Aside from the 1x, 2x, or further-sized size mismatches(such as the mouths, eyebrows, and some other miscellanious graphics), everything is absolutely beautiful. Clearly, a WHOLE lot of work went into the visual appearance of these movies.
Also, if it were me, I personally would have tried to add a little more expression to the characters faces, such as eyes closing, or maybe sweatdrops. But that's just me.
Either way, that's why giving it a 9/10 on Graphics is a MUST in my book.

Given that this Flash movie has so many great, original jokes that most people wouldn't even think of(such as Scene 6's multiple punchline effect in Super Mario Land II), these movies get an equally high style rating. I've never seen such ridiculing of Mario and company! It's absolutely awesome!

Sound. Various clips from various cartoons and movies comprise a great deal of the spoken verse to these movies. For the most part, these clips sound flawless. But every once in a while, there's a clip that has a but of the "Flash fuzz effect," as I call it. Past a certain decibil rate, the sound will deteriorate under Flash, making it sound very fuzzy. For the most part, this doesn't hurt the movie much, but it does tend to get distracting. The same applies to some of the music, too.
On another note, you used sound effects from different Mario games. Again, if it were me, I would've stuck with the Super Mario Land ones. But it doesn't hurt these movies in the least, let me assure you.

There's a little comic violence in some of the jokes. Nothing bloody or gory. Just Mario being tossed around and smacked, Daisy getting squished like a Goomba. . . That sort of thing. Honestly, it's stuff everyone of ALL ages can enjoy.(And let me say, on a personal note, it's nice to finally have some parodies on here that don't rely on gore and fart jokes to make people laugh.(I'll disregard the censored swears seeing as they're far-and-wide.) Cartoon violence wins every time, baby! Woo!)

No interactivity that I could detect. If there's an Easter Egg, I haven't found it.

Finally, as aforementioned, you have some seriously original, and seriously funny stuff in this trio. 90% of it is utterly unpredictable and just a little under that hits you like a squeaky mallet; unexpectedly and leaving you with a laugh. Absolutely awesome.

So overall, this trio is the best damned series of Mario parodies in existance. They're basically the comedic equivilant of Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom, so to speak. If you want some hilarious Mario-related parodies, THESE THREE ARE THE ONE TO WATCH. This officially earns my Gold Tilde Award.(If I had one to give. Heh.)
(And on a side note, what would it take to convince you to keep making these, eh?)

All your C&C All your C&C

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This Hurts My Soul as a Command & Conquer Fan

Wow. This is garbage.

Most of the graphics are yanked from Renegade and Red Alert 2. Some of them are good graphics, but most are not. Graphics get flipped, skewed, and generally screwed-up and pixelated. It does not make for a pretty movie. In this case, in fact, it makes for a very ugly cut-and-paste monstrocity.

Zero. ZERO style points. You're, like, the first person I've ever given ZERO style points to. Do you know what that means? This film is freaking LAME. ZERO style. The actions don't synch up with the music and Zero Wing has been done to death. At least be original if you're doing to screw with Toaplan's game.

The sound quality was decent. But there were no sound effects to be heard.(Does not effect Overall Score.)

There was a little badly-drawn violence to be seen.(Does not effect Overall Score.)

No interactivity.(Does not effect Overall Score.)

Very, very trace amounts of humor.(Does not effect Overall Score.)

So overall? You freaking fail. You fail almost as bad as that yahoo who made the Tiger Electronics Castlevania II Handhead Game Flash. Never, EVER submit something like this again.

johnm831 responds:

Jeez you obviously don't get the whole idea of this animation. Like my Eiffel Tower "monstrocity" (spellcheck) it's meant to suck in an amusing way. I know that kind of humour doesn't appeal to everyone and that's fine by me, but if you'd given me 10/10 for style then I would have failed. Miserably.

Actions were sync'd, audio is streamed so there's no reason there'd be any issue there.

Here's the deal. I submit whatever I want, and if you don't like it, blam, it, and I won't submit it again.

Final Fantasy Day Care 4 Final Fantasy Day Care 4

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The Continued Adventures of Adai and Miro

Oh, just peachy. The one day out of the week I'm actually not here and my radar completely misses this Flash. Well. . . Better late than never, I suppose. Let's get into it. . . This one's going to be a short one(short for ME, anyway), seeing as I'm really freaking tired for some reason. Heh heh. . . "Your movie drained me of life."

So. . . Graphics get a 6 because everything's beautifully drawn as usual, however, it's so graphic intensive, older computers/motherboards like the one I have in my machine aren't able to handle it at anything above 5 frames per second on anything higher than Low Quality. Yes, people still use older hardware. Go figure.

No real comments on the style, other than the fact you're a hack. Then again, I'm one to talk.

Sound quality is alright. No real complaints there, outside of the fact "Still More Fighting" is very badly timed and even goes as far as to LOOP after the movie is finished. A nice fade-out would have worked just as well.(Does not effect Overall Score.)

There's a bit of bloody violence in here, but that's not the "selling point" of the movie, as it were.(Does not effect Overall Score.)

Zero interactivity.(Does not effect Overall Score.)

Finally, there's a couple good jokes, such as a look into the duo's past, or the game advert, but that's it. All other attempts at humor are either ripped-off from other cartoons outright failed attempts. At least you seem to have stopped ripping off 8-Bit Theatre. . .

So, overall? You fail. Sure, a 5/10 may SEEM like a good score considering I generally don't go much lower than that on even the worst entries, but consider this. I also don't go much HIGHER unless the entry truly says something positive. And this entry, to me, says "I have the skills to make Flash. Just not the mental capacity to make a GOOD Flash." So. . .yeah. Better luck next time.

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DeuceNine responds:

wow youre a good reviewer! no sarcasm there. i noticed that the movie may seem to lag that is why i put a quality button on my next episode. well its a coincidence that you mention the quality, because i was searching for the quality actionscript right before i read you review.

MMZ - The Last Cataclysm MMZ - The Last Cataclysm

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Zero, the Legendary Irregular Hunter

So. . . This judge's axe comes down upon this sprite movie. . .but is it truly all that is it cracked up to be? We shall find out.

With the exception of the explosions, still-frame portraits, and the "charge" effect on Zero(which came from SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos), all graphics in this particular movie have been painstakingly ripped from the Rockman Zero series of games. The quality is pretty decent, too. Even better is the fact that there are no x1 pixels placed on x2(or higher) bodies, faces, or otherwise. This gets bonus points with me, but the fact that you mixed games does not. Regardless, graphics still gets a very high score.

The style of the movie seems to follow along the main plot of Rockman Zero 3 for the most part, with the exception of the Neo Arcadians deciding to turn against Dr. Veil and Omega X. The way this is pulled of, however, is pretty original. . . However, during the fight scenes, I noticed some rather odd-looking motions preformed by Zero in particular -- ones that look. . .dare I say. . .a little on the lazy, or rushed side. It's not enough to damage the score too much, though. Just enough to be noticable.

Most of the sound effects used were ripped from Rockman X(X1) due to convenience-sake, I would guess. This doesn't. . .oh, who am I kidding. This kind of sucks. In my opinion, anyway. You could have at LEAST ripped sound effects from Rockman X4, X5, or X6 if you weren't going to use the sounds from Rockman Zero.(And don't tell me at least ONE of those games doesn't have some sort of Sound or Music Test option on it. I know for a fact X5 does. Just not entirely sure if it's Sound AND Music, or just Music. It's been a while.) But, I digress. This doesn't hurt the movie too badly in the end.
The voices, however. . . Some of the voices in this movie are simply unforgivable. Particularly the voices of Kyubit Foxstar, Childre Inarabitta, and of course, Zero. ESPECIALLY Zero.(Watch the first combat scene. Hearing him grunt and mock so much gets really annoying after a while. Kind of like in Rockman X4, heh heh!) . . .It's like ShoPro was running the thing or something. But I have to admit, the emotions captured in the voice acting generally seemed to fit the given scenes.

There was enough violence in this movie to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty person looking to see robots get torn apart, sliced in half, and just generally messed-up. Though not pegged as a violent movie(as a "selling point," I mean), this actually DOES effect the overall score for once.

Zero interactivity. Why? In my opinion, interactivity only counts in games, or in movies with non-obvious Easter Eggs. Seeing as there was no mention of such things in this movie, the score lies at zero.(Does not effect overall score.)

Two words. "Naruto sucks." Regardless, I suppose the Naruto bonus scene could be considered "humorous," even if it's honestly not. It's just corny.(Does not effect overall score.)

So. . .in closing, is this movie worth watching? Only if you consider yourself a Rockman Zero fan, or even a general Rockman fan. This is a very worthy addition to any Rockman fan's favorites, and I genuinely look forward to the next episode.